Thursday, July 4, 2013

Important announcements

Dear all,

1) There is a change in time-table. Please note.
P.E. is now on Monday and Friday.

2) There is no school tomorrow P1 and P2. We are having Olympics Festival for P3 -- P6.

3) Monday is Youth Day. There is no school on Monday.

4) Spelling booklet has been issued. The first one starts next Thursday - 12/July. Henceforth, it will be conducted every Thursday. :)

1) Maths: 2 assignments assigned on (starting from 5/July)
2) English: MC online: There is a discussion forum. Please access and participate in this forum.

Thank you and have a good weekend ahead.

Mdm Chan

Week 3: Maths Unit Review --- Topics to be covered -- Length, Numbers to 20, Addition and Subtraction Within 20 (Please study.) 

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