Friday, October 25, 2013

Announcements and misconceptions

Some mis-conceptions:

The high challenge questions given is meant as an optional practice... Please do not assume that these are the actual type of questions.


Next week is the Maths Unit Review -- Please study hard... as there are many chapters:

1) Money
2) Addition and Subtraction within 100
3) Numbers to 100
There should be problem sums... (I do not know what is the format of the actual paper) but we can anticipate problem sums... 1 sum for addition and 1 sum for subtraction.
The weightage should be around the same for these 4 topics. The percentage is higher than the previous test we have just conducted. Please do revise harder for these topics, especially on Money which we have only started yesterday.

We need to key in the strengths of the children. This include any awards, achievements that they have acquired. E.g piano grade 1 (Theory), Swim safe programme (Level 3)... Please get ready these data. I will be asking the children sometime next week.

Show-and-tell: I will conduct next week.

There is no school on these days:

4-November: Holiday in lieu of Deepavali. This is a Monday
7-November: Results processing day. It's a Thursday.

Questions, pls feel free to address through SMS. Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

Mdm Chan

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