Thursday, May 22, 2014



1) Spelling is suspended this week. It will resume next week for the last Spelling of the term. Please also learn the words for the composition too.

2) Learnlogy homework is assigned on next Wednesday, 28 May where there is no school that day. RMPS teachers will be at Science centre for our annual Animate festival.

3) Please bring along the 2B Maths WB and the Reading Comprehension Booklet 1 and 2 (some of you have not handed in booklet 1), and Listening Comprehension Booklet 2 tomorrow.

4) The P1 registration form was given out yesterday for the siblings' registration. Please complete and return back either to me or to the general office directly.

5) School handbook: $1.80. Some of the students have not given me the money yet. Please do so asap.

Mdm Chan

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