Saturday, August 16, 2014

Learning next week

Personalized learning:
Underground animals 

Life cycles of the insects:

Marine life:

Organizing an event(previously known as the birthday party)



Groupings of children: 
Pets: Ash, Kris, Joan, Shan, Gin
Animals: Shau, Dill, Jer, Joh, Jet
Weather: YuE, Earo, SF, BX, Bren
Marine life: YT, DeR, Jae, Alp, Ler
Life cycles of insects: Gen, Kae, Jun, Nik, JX
Event: LaiL, Woo, YuSh, May, Arw
(Names have been shortened or coded to protect privacy)

Please go through these documents to understand what is going to happen next week.

Mdm Chan

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