Tuesday, April 29, 2014


English test in week 9:
Topics tested: Food Fit for a King and Magnetic Max
Format of the test is also similar to the previous 2 unit reviews.
Will post more once I have looked through in detail the actual grammar items we need to study.

Learnlogy assignments: these are optional. Please do not feel so stressed that these need to be completed on the very same day or week. There is no harsh deadline. Just try your best to complete the assignments.
Learning should really be fun.

Next lesson on AnimateImagine:
This coming Monday is the only lesson we will be doing the actual filming of the drawings that they have completed. So, if they have completed at least 2 stories, they are encouraged to bring them on Friday for safe-keeping in school. :)
For those who did not bring them this Friday, just remember to bring them back next Monday.

We'll also be starting lessons on Art Rage. This is a paid software to draw using this software. It's much more interesting than using Paint last year to draw the monster and fairies.
You may want to see some samples of drawings done previously by another group of students.

Some of the children have received some letters for them to get spectacles or to get their eye sight tested further. Please let me know if your child needs to sit in front in the interim period.

Mdm Chan

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