Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things due for this term (English)

Unit review 3 will be coming in week 5. ( the week after Good Friday.) Please refer to the first unit review format as a gauge to study and prepare for the next test. 

Things tested: 
unit 5: Beware of the Cat
unit 6: life in the shell

How to prepare:
1) past tense, present tense is a must know. When to use past, when to use present tense. 
This is so especially for irregular verbs. 
E.g, eat, give, drink, go, say, run, meet, etc.. 

2) grammar items from life in the shell- plural forms of special nouns. 
Eg: leaf, change to leaves 
Fly, change to flies
These will be tested. 

3) open-ended compre: Read and read, and of course with understanding of the clues. 😄

Mdm Chan

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