Friday, February 22, 2013

Announcements on Friday


1) PAL lessons:

They have completed the Music module consisting of 7 lessons. Next week, they will start on another module. Pls kindly ask them to come in P.E. attire on Thursday.

2) Long hair:
Some of the boys are spotted with slightly long hair. Please kindly take them for a hair cut. Thanks.

3) Recess:
Recess ends at 11.00 a.m. The pupils need to be up in the hall by 11 a.m. and they should start walking from 10.55 a.m. Everyone needs to have a story book. Please bring a story book to read while waiting for the teacher to come.

4) Chinese: Yan Yan Shuo Shuo (There is a guideline worksheet issued on this Yan Yan Shuo Shuo given on Thursday. Please check and acknowledge.)

5) English: We are on track as we have completed Unit 5: To Town. We have started reading the 6th book: Smarty Pants today. We should complete Smarty Pants learning sheets early next week. The test in Week 9 will consist of 6 books including the last book Smarty Pants.

Mdm Chan

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