Friday, February 15, 2013


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Things learnt yesterday:
The Red Rose:
- Revision of a/an
Stellar WS: we completed pg 2 to 9.

From the guide which was given at the beginning of the term:
Please look through and this is the summary of things learnt.

Unit 3: Walking Through the Jungle:

Vocabulary: snake, tiger, monkey, elephant, lion, crocodile, tea
High frequency words: could, over, there, through, what
Article: a, an
Verbs: has, have
Pronouns: it, me
Question word: what
Word Identifications:
Blends, sn, ch, wh in what
Comprehension: Answer MCQ and open-ended questions

Unit 4: The Red Rose
Vocabulary: rose, cat, caterpillar, bird, garden, red
High frequency words: see, a, back, home, gone
Prenouns: it, me
Articles: a, the
Present tense: infinitive “to” followed by verbs (go, fly, play, ski, swing, fall)
Pronouns: he, she, it
Punctuation: comma, speech marks
Phrases of time sequence:
Word Identifications:
Consonants: h, s, g as in gate
Comprehension: Answer MCQ and open-ended questions

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