Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Character Development Workshop

What they have learnt from leadership Character Development Workshop:

A leader is:

C -- Confident (give it a try) 

If you won't try, you won't know if you can succeed. It's okay to make mistakes. 2nd thing: Learn from the mistakes. 

After several tries, we should give it a try, and we should improve ourselves. 

An example: Walts Disney: a person/leader who didn't give up. One of the characters which he created in his early age, before Mickey Mouse. 
Something to share about his failures and how he picked himself up from his failures:


Never Give up. 

The activity: Stacking of cards 

A -- They played a game of cooperative learning. From the game, some of them were given 1 token, some were given 2 tokens, a few of them were given 3 or 4 tokens. Some of them could not buy things....
What is the lesson learnt?

Some of them gave away their tokens to their classmates. That's what a leader supposed to do. :)

R --Responsibility -- staying true to the task. Completing it to the end. :)
E -- Exemplary
To set a good example. To be a good leader, we need to set a good example in our conduct (behaviour).
-- Listen Carefully to all instructions/rules said by teachers.
--Obey immediately. Do it now, don't wait!

--Set an example in our speech.
Use polite words and be polite:

Excuse Me,
Thank You,
You are welcome.

The story of Mambo, the Penguin (from Happy Feet)
They lived in Antarctica, a place where humans do not live over there.
Mambo was selected as he managed to follow his parents to the ocean. He followed the instructions which were:

"Do not stop until we have arrived at the lake." 

Mdm Chan

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