Monday, March 25, 2013

Things to be learnt in English for Term 2

Things to be learnt in Term 2: This was based on the handout given earlier this year. 

Unit 5: To Town
Vocabulary: vehicles, bulldozer, fire-engine, jumping stick, motor bike, vintage car, yellow, green, red, blue, orange, silver

High frequency words:
Will, go, way big, then

Possessive adjective: my
Preposition: in, on, over, up, down, between, into, out, over, beside, under
Adjectives: my(possessive), big
Question word: who, what, where
Demostratives: these, those

Blends: bl,
Consonants: v,j
Vowel: e, i, o

Unit 6: Smarty Pants
Vocabulary: aeroplane, jungle vine, mountain, racing car, thumb, trumpet, swimming pool
present tense: infinitive to followed by the verbs )go, fly, ski, swing, fall,
Base verbL as simple present tense, after modal “will” and after auxiliary verb “do”
Punctuation: full stop

Word identification:
Vowels: u as in “jug”
Consonants: j
Blends: sm, fl, sk

Term 2:
Unit 7:  The hungry Giant
Vocabulary: beehive, bees, bommy-knocker, bread, butter, giant, honey, hungry

High frequency words:
Some, or, so, with
Uncountable nouns: bread, butter, honey
Singular and plural
Contractions: that’s I’ll, don’t I’m, you’re, there’s
Conjunction: or, so
Consonants: g as in giant
Vowels: ee, ow
Unit 8: Crocodile Tea
Vocabulary: crocodile, elephant, lion, monkey, snake, tea, tiger, hippopotamus, numbers  1 – 10, animals and their homes

High frequency words:
Again, come, door

Adjectives: colours, size
Speech marks
Pronoun: we
Possessive pronoun: my, your, his, her

Phonics: m and n
Vowels: I as in hive

Unit 9: The Giant’s Ice-cream
Vocabulary: breakfast, lunch, dinner, purple, ice-cream, doorway, party, stuck
High frequency words: that
Countable and uncountable nouns.
Verb: -ing, simple past tense,
Pronouns: it, me
Adjectives: big, tough
Possessive: ‘s
Quantifier: some, much

Vowels, a, i, o
Blend: st

Unit 10: Jigaree:

Vocabulary: climbing, dancing, flying, jigaree, jumping, riding, skating, swimming
High frequency words: here, there, everywhere, after
Grammar: verbs: -ing form
Phonics: cl, sw

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