Monday, March 25, 2013

Maths -- ordinal numbers

Things done and completed today:

The topic on Ordinal Numbers have been completed.
Ordinal Numbers stress on placing of the people, things in their positions.
They are also expected to be able to write and spell:

1st -- First
2nd -- Second
3rd -- Third
4th -- Fourth
5th -- Fifth
6th -- Sixth
7th -- Seventh
8th -- Eighth
9th -- Ninth
10th -- Tenth

Spelling on these words will be given out shortly during Mental Sums.

Within the topical worksheet, other words/phrases to be tested:
from the left / right, top/bottom.
They need to understand from where this is.

Other words: who is to win the race?
Who is in front of the queue -- meaning, the first in line
Who is the last? -- the furthest, away from the first.

Hypothetical Questions: If something is taken away, how is the placing being changed?
Strategy: cross out or cover up the one being taken away, then count the placing of the item.

Based on the previous unit review, the trend will be to have questions which are tougher and higher order.
However, the strategy remains: underline the key words, put down the placing (1st, 2nd, etc), then comprehend the question, and finally solving it. :)

Hope this posts helps.

Mdm Chan

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